This course involves the study of classical Greece and Rome including areas such as:
• The ‘World of the Hero’
• Homers ‘The Odyssey’
• Virgils ‘Aeneid’
• Greek theatre, including ‘Oedipus Rex’
• Art of the classical world
• Greek religion, ritual and mysteries
• The Greek Gods


Minimum of Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and a Grade 4 in a traditional written subject e.g. GCSE History or English Literature. 

Classical History, or Classical Civilisations as it is often called, is just that; a comprehensive study into ancient culture, art, beliefs, ideas and philosophies, with a particular focus upon the Greeks and Romans. Classics uses a variety of sources to do this, from archaeological finds to four thousand year old literature such as Homers epic ‘The Odyssey’.

In this way it offers you a unique insight, not only into the history of a particular culture but also into the very minds of those that lived there.

The study of Classics has never been more relevant than today, through studying the Classical world we get to see the origin of our own culture, and the realisation that not as much has changed over the last three thousand years as we would like to believe.

100% Examination.
There are three exams at the end of the two year course, one each for ‘The World of the Hero’, ‘Greek Theatre’ and ‘Greek Religion’; there is no coursework involved.

Students that have studied A Level Classical Civilisation go on to study related courses at university, areas include philosophy, history, English, archaeology, theatre studies, law and anthropology. Due to the academic nature of the course it is highly regarded by Russell Group universities.

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