Why choose A Level Modern Foreign Languages? 

Foreign languages you say, but why? Many of the prestigious universities ask for a language as part of their offers, competition is tough and a language can make all the difference. Languages can be combined with other subjects at degree level and when it comes to a job interview, a language can give you the ‘edge’ over fellow candidates.

Being able to speak a foreign language can lead to an increased spectrum of career opportunities that are also invariably exclusive. British businesses based both here and around the world are actively recruiting those who can speak a second language, and both Spanish and French (two of the most widely spoken languages on Earth), are languages that are highly sought out.

When you travel for leisure, it can become more fun and inspiring if you are able to talk with local people and understand everything around you.

Sessions are animated, varied and without a doubt an enjoyable experience, learning about life in the country of your language. Take part in conversation classes with native speakers and the opportunity to join in school exchanges.

Just think of it, you could be studying in the sun, working for Peugeot in Paris or Zara in Zaragoza! 


What makes Huddersfield New College stand out for Modern Foreign Languages?

We use the Welsh board exam for all languages currently at Huddersfield New College, the same as many leading national colleges. With the Welsh board, 30% of the marks are given to the speaking aspect of language. At Huddersfield New College in the languages department, we have native speakers of all languages on the staff team who provide conversation classes to all language students. At A level this comprises of a 1-1 session concentrating on topical issues included in the specification. This extra and unique opportunity gives our students a massive boost in the oral exams. On average, around 70-80% of our students gain a grade A or B in the oral exams which has contributed significantly to our recent successes.

Performance at A level is outstanding and well above national averages. This is even more exceptional given that we are an inclusive college. We do this by having excellent resources, smaller classes, prepared and relevant support sessions and an outstanding progress monitoring system.

In addition to these amazing results, the department offers extra-curricular activities. We plan trips and exchanges to France and Spain, the Spanish exchange to Valencia being particularly successful with many of the students returning in the summer holidays. We celebrate European day of languages and have invited local schools to join us over the past few years, and we plan to organise a film club showing foreign language films to all students.


Modern Foreign Languages students said:

“I feel like it definitely has given me more opportunities for the future, it can open so many doors and I can even have the chance to work in another country! I really enjoyed the student exchange trip to Valencia. I made new friendships that will last a lifetime and it was an amazing opportunity.”

Katie Ambler

“The reason why this course stands out to me more than my others is because you have a more personal interaction with people in your class. This is really helpful as it can boost your confidence in speaking to others in another language!”

Isabella Pozzi-Cariotti

“It is really helpful having one on one sessions with a native speaker on the course, they help me get a real feel of how language conversation should be. The trip to Valencia was also a standout memory, I had the amazing opportunity to learn about the culture and got to see the language in action!”

Charlotte Alsop