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An Inclusive College

We are incredibly proud of our inclusive, diverse and collaborative College community. Our students and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and respect is at the heart of our College experience – indeed, we have been named the Number 1 Organisation in the UK for Equality and Diversity.

As a student you will be given a fantastic range of opportunities to celebrate your own unique differences and embrace difference. Some of the events
and experiences you’ll enjoy:

  • Two themed Equality and Diversity Weeks each year
  • The chance to be a Student Equality and Diversity Ambassador and make a difference
  • Guest speakers
  • Participation in national weeks such as Anti-Bullying Week and UK Parliament Week
  • Celebratory events to help you embrace and celebrate difference

You can find our Equality and Diversity policies here.

Images of Equality and Diversity events taking place around College.


Image of student, Jayden



Jaden Tyrell 

“The amount of new people you meet, both staff and students, is amazing. There are so many different people and different cultures – it’s great to immerse yourself in this diverse environment.” 

Studied: A Level History, Photography and Applied Psychology

Destination: Military History at University of Kent

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