Senior Leadership Team

Angela Williams


As Principal, I am responsible for ensuring that the student experience at Huddersfield New College is an outstanding one. This means making sure that students receive high quality teaching and learning and first class pastoral support to enable them to achieve their goals and to progress successfully and with confidence to the next phase of their lives. I started my career as a History teacher at Shelley High School way back in 1985 and have worked in comprehensive environments since. I was appointed Principal of Huddersfield New College in 2007. I am passionate about education because I genuinely believe that education has the power to transform lives. It transformed my life, and I am incredibly proud of the many lives we have helped to transform here at Huddersfield New College through our unswerving commitment to excellence for all. Outside of college, I cannot leave the historian behind and drag my family to castles, churches and many other places of historical interest. I love reading, dining out and shopping! I am a scouser and have supported Liverpool Football Club since birth!

Marcus Smith-Connor

Deputy Principal, Curriculum and Quality

As Deputy Principal, Curriculum and Quality I oversee a team that ensures our students enjoy the best possible experience. This includes working with our Heads of Departments and supporting them to ensure that their teams deliver an outstanding experience, and making sure that the College is at the forefront of the latest developments in teaching and learning. A large part of my role is reviewing the comprehensive data that helps us to see how we may best support students, and working with staff to respond to this, for example through our support systems. I joined HNC in September 2018 and am very much enjoying being part of such a warm and welcoming community where young people know they will achieve their very best. With two young children of my own, I am incredibly passionate about the importance of a high quality education and work to ensure each and every member of our 2800 strong student body enjoy an experience where they can not only access the right courses for their ambitions, but also enjoy an experience where they know that they can and will achieve their full potential.

Julie Thomas

Vice Principal Corporate Services and Planning

As Vice Principal, I oversee a wide range of our corporate services including; Audit, Exams, Estates, IT Network and Infrastructure, Management Information, Risk Management and Student Services. Another area of my role I enjoy immensely is curriculum planning, and I work with the Deputy Principal on strategies in key areas such as the curriculum offer, staffing requirements, timetabling and the structure of the academic year. I love working at HNC and am exceptionally proud to be part of a College that puts the student at the very core of everything it does. Outside of my role at College, I manage an adult Men’s football league team (challenging to say the least!) and enjoy spending time with my husband and two step children, who are all quick to volunteer my organisational skills to support their weekend football teams!

Kam Rogerson

Assistant Principal Curriculum (Vocational & Enrichment)

As Assistant Principal Curriculum (Vocational & Enrichment), I am responsible for ensuring that our students have a wider College experience which will allow them to progress onto their next steps. I lead the Enrichment team where we provide extra-curricular activities for our students to develop their skills, knowledge, self- confidence and resilience which will enhance their applications for university, apprenticeships and employment. I really enjoy meeting and talking to our students and I currently teach Travel and Tourism. I also lead our staff wellbeing strategy which supports our staff to enjoy a happy and healthy working environment. The students and staff are always very friendly and in my opinion we are the best Sixth Form College in Huddersfield!

Lee Goddard

Assistant Principal Safeguarding, Specialist Support and Student Wellbeing

As Assistant Principal Safeguarding, Specialist Support and Student Wellbeing, I am responsible for ensuring that students are happy and safe whilst at College. This includes all aspects of safeguarding. The outstanding services we offer to students are at the heart of ensuring that they can excel academically and personally. I really enjoy working with students, and I am also a Progress Tutor, a role which allows me to directly support students with progression to their next steps. This is of course a great way to find out how we can further develop the support for students, and it is incredibly rewarding being able to work with them on an individual level to help them to achieve their ambitions. As a former PE teacher who is passionate about cricket, it is great to be able to be part of a warm and welcoming College community that is helping to educate some great sporting talent, including our Cricket Academy!

Maria Dean

Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

As Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning, I am responsible for ensuring that students are given the best possible learning experience when they attend our college. I am passionate about teacher self-improvement and continue to work with staff to embed current research-based evidence to ensure good quality teaching takes place on a daily basis. I believe in constantly upskilling to ensure teaching and learning is not a static process. I love being in the classroom and still lead and teach on the A level 3D Design course. With two children of my own I know the importance of good education. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, walking, reading and watching Huddersfield Town!

John Flynn

Assistant Principal, Finance and Resources

As Assistant Principal, Finance and Resources, I am responsible for looking after the finances of the College to ensure that we are sustainable, and our funds are invested in a way that ensures our students excel. This means making sure that the bank balances are healthy, which involves managing the College’s cash flow and ensuring we are financially stable and can provide the services and support our young people need. Some of my key responsibilities include, completing financial returns, producing monthly management accounts, and financial forecasts for the next two to three years. I also manage and administer the College Bursary Fund from the government, which helps remove barriers to education by providing financial support to students who need it. When it comes to the College finances, I like them to be “reassuringly dull”, that is, where there are no nasty surprises! Outside of work I like spending time with my family. I’m a bit of an antiques fiend too – anything old fascinates me, and I’ve recently taken up cycling again.

Catherine Cushnie

Assistant Principal, Pastoral Care, Careers Guidance and Progression

As Assistant Principal, Pastoral Care, Careers Guidance and Progression, I am responsible for supporting our students with their personal development and career planning. I take a lead on the content of our Aspire Programme and work closely with the careers team to ensure students have the necessary information to make informed decisions about their careers plans. I also work with our committed and experienced team of progress to support and challenge students to develop the employability and life skills required for their next steps. As the strategic lead for admissions and enrolment I also help ensure that prospective students find the most appropriate programme of study, so that they can thrive and enjoy a rewarding educational experience at HNC. I love working with students to help them identify their long-term vision before supporting them to complete the necessary study, volunteering or work experience to make that vision a reality. The time students spend at Huddersfield New College is a transformative period in their lives and I’m lucky to be a part of their journey. Outside of work, I like spending time with my family, experimenting in the kitchen with my two young children and getting out into nature to relax.

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