What is the Corporation?

Huddersfield New College has to have a group of people in place to make sure that the College is doing all the things it should; like providing good quality teaching, being efficiently run and managing it’s money well. The Corporation doesn’t get involved directly in the day to day business of the College, instead it has final responsibility for:

  • determining the college’s educational character and mission;
  • approving the college’s quality strategy;
  • ensuring the college’s solvency by monitoring its effective and efficient use of resources and the security of its assets;
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure;
  • appointing holders of senior posts and setting their pay and conditions of service;
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff

How does the Corporation work?

The Corporation meets each term. It works with the Senior Management Team to set the strategic aims, vision and mission. The Corporation also monitors work done by the college to make sure it is in line with the strategic goals.

In order to work efficiently the Corporation divides its work into different aspects, with each one being looked after by a Committee. Each committee is made up of a number of the Governors and in some cases, co-opted individuals with specialist knowledge in a particular area. This ensures that Corporation meetings run swiftly and efficiently without compromising the attention to detail needed.

The College’s Corporation comprises of representatives from industry and commerce, the Local Authority, the local community, the Principal, members of staff, students and parents of students. Some members are appointed directly by the Corporation and some are elected by the staff and students of the college. All Governors serve in a voluntary capacity.

View our Stakeholder Statement here.

We welcome the views of students and parents and will post details of the next Annual Stakeholders Meeting shortly.

The Corporation Meets once a term and has developed a Committee Structure of 5 Committees. Each committee has Terms of Reference which are reviewed and agreed annually by the Corporation. Each Committee concentrates on various aspects of the College and these are:

Audit Committee

To advise the Corporation on the College’s systems of internal control and risk management.

Terms of Reference

Search and Governance Committee

To advise the Corporation on governance arrangements and membership.

Terms of Reference

Finance and Resources Committee

To advise the Corporation on the financial position of the College.

Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

To advise the Corporation on the pay and conditions of service for Senior Postholders

Terms of Reference

Linda Summers is the Chair of the Governor’s Corporation.  The image below illustrates the structure and the table provides a short summary of each member:

Below you can access the College accounts and minutes from the past year. We are a transparent College, and publish one full year of minutes so that these are current. However, minutes from previous years are available upon request. If you would like to request these, please email our Clerk Claire Coupland.


2014-15 accounts

2015-16 accounts

2016 - 17 accounts 

Audit Committee 

28 November 2016 meeting 

21 March 2017 meeting 


8 December 2016 meeting 

5 April 2017 meeting 

Finance and Resources

28 November 2016 meeting

16 March 2017 meeting 

Search and Governance 

2 May 2017

Below you can download core documentation in relation to our Corporation. If you have any further queries or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our Clerk Claire Coupland.

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct 

Scheme of Delegation 

Are you interested in serving in our Corporation? We are currently recruiting a Co-opted Member for Finance. For more information, please contact Clerk to the Corporation, Claire Coupland on c.coupland@huddnewcoll.ac.uk

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