Subject Data Access Requests for Centre Assessed Grades

To read more about Centre Assessed Grades, please click here. HNC strongly recommend that you review the information on this dedicated area of our website before making a subject data access request.

Under Data Protection regulations, an individual is entitled to request the Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) that Huddersfield New College submitted to the relevant exam board. This request can only be made by the student.

Due to embargo regulations, Huddersfield New College is not allowed to release any centre assessment grades before the official results days; Thursday 13th August 2020 for level 3 qualifications and Thursday 20th August 2020 for level 1 and level 2 qualifications.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, the College has 40 days to reply to a subject data access request. Please note that in the case of centre assessed grades, if the subject data access request is made before the official results publication days noted above, the 40 day timeframe does not commence until the relevant results day.

Please complete this form to request this information and email to


Data Subject rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 individuals have the right to ask whether information is held about them and if so what it is. This is called a "subject access request".

A Subject Data Access Request (SDAR) is simply a request made by, or on behalf of, an individual. 

Why make a subject access request?

You can make a subject access request to find out:

  • What personal information an organisation holds about you
  • How they are using it
  • Who they are sharing it with
  • Where they got your data from

What information will I receive?

The subject access right allows individuals the right to access personal data of which they are the subject. It does not provide the right to access entire documents if the documents do not fully comprise the personal data of the individual. Therefore, in response to a subject data access request, an individual may receive partial or redacted documents.

Can I access the personal data of other individuals?

An individual only has the right to access personal data of which they are the subject and there is no right of access to the personal data of friends or family. However, there are some instances in which a request made on behalf of another individual or for a specific purpose (such as the detection or prevention of crime) will be considered.

When will I receive a response to my request?

Under data protection legislation, the College must respond within one calendar month of receiving a request and proof of ID, unless the request is particularly complex, in which case the deadline may be extended by a further two months. Where the College needs to extend a deadline we will write to inform the requestor of this.

How will I receive copies of personal data in response to my request?

Copies of personal data will normally be sent either electronically (by email attachment, using password protection and encryption) or in hard copy (by the Royal Mail's 'Signed For' service). If you prefer, you can request that we provide personal data to you orally, but we will only do so if we are able to verify your identity first.

What if I am dissatisfied with the College's response to my request?

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which your subject access request has been processed or dissatisfied with the response that you have been given, please write to the Data Protection Officer in the first instance so that the College is provided with the opportunity to review the matter and respond to your concerns.

How to make a Subject Data Access Request

Please complete the Subject Access Request Form and return it to the Data Protection Officer with evidence of your identity.

Further information about subject access requests can be obtained from the Information Commissioner's Office.