Information for our applicants looking to join HNC in September 2020

The current Covid-19 (Corona) situation is of course a worrying time for all. Here at HNC we would like to reassure all of our future students looking to joining us in September 2020 that the current events will not put them at any disadvantage or reduce their chance of an offer at HNC regardless of the stage of their application.

Every student who has applied will have their application reviewed and responded to and a fair chance of securing a place with us.

The information below answers some of the key questions we are receiving at this moment. This is a rapidly developing situation, and this information will be updated with any changes as we have them.

Please stay safe, and we look forward to supporting you in the next stage in your education.

What does the cancellation of exams mean for my place at College?
Like all schools and colleges, we need to await further details of how grades will be awarded so that we can make sure that you are matched with a programme of study that ensures you successfully achieve your goals and ambitions. Because we don’t yet fully know how your grades will be awarded, it is too early to say how this will work in practice. But we will be clear, honest and transparent in how we do this and communicate with you every step of the way. 

My interview was cancelled. What happens now? 
We are following all Government advice to stay at home. This means that we will be changing the way we complete our interviews for those students who are still awaiting them. If we have all the information we need, we will provide your outcome via email. If we need to speak to you about it, then we will contact you via phone or email.

Where there are areas where you do not meet our published expectations e.g. attendance or behaviour, we will use our judgement to make a considered decision, especially where attendance is the concern and there are valid reasons why this is not 95%. If we need to contact you to clarify anything, then we will. However, this does not mean you would automatically be guaranteed a place and this will be on a case by case basis.

I’ve received an offer. Should I still accept it?
Yes, definitely. Our process once you have received your offer is exactly the same and you need to accept it if you are hoping to join HNC this September. We have extended our acceptance portal until 1st May and you can click here to accept your place. We understand that you may be anxious about your GCSEs – remember, if you want to accept more than one offer whilst you make your final decision, then you can do so.

I had a verbal offer as my interview was recent. Will I still get a letter?
Our staff are working remotely, please bear with us and check your emails, as this is how we will communicate with you.

I got a conditional extra offer but my school is now closed. What happens now?
If you were placed on a conditional extra offer prior to 17th March, we will ask your school in May if they able to provide a response to the improvement criteria that were outlined in your offer but the date range will be from the date of your interview up to the 17th March to ensure that you are not placed at any disadvantage.

When will I get an opportunity to visit College before September?
We are continuing to plan your Welcome Event on 1st July. This will be your chance to visit us. In the meantime, our social feeds will keep you up to date with new developments and news.

These are unprecedented times, please be assured we will be keeping you up to date as much as we can - please check your emails on a regular basis