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Explore your HNC from Home: virtual Open Event platform 

On Wednesday 29th September we opened our series of events for students looking to join us in 2022 with the launch of our virtual event platform. Available throughout our application window, this is an ideal opportunity to get ahead in exploring your options. The platform features a range of great content including video lesson tasters, student videos and an interactive virtual tour.  Click here to visit this. 

Face to face Open Events*

Our face to face Open Events for 2022 entry have now concluded. You can explore HNC via our virtual Open Event platform above. You may also wish to book on to our subject tasters in February 2022 - please see below. Please note these will be bookable, and this is not an Open Event. 

Bookable subject tasters* 

Tuesday 8th February 2022 - twilight event

Our lesson tasters are aimed at Year 11 students who have applied, or intend to apply, to Huddersfield New College for September 2022 entry.  
These are a valuable opportunity to directly experience your potential course options, and see what they are like. This not only gives you a head start on your studies, but also gives you the chance to ensure your choices are the right ones for you through a direct experience of your subject(s).  
How it works  
You can attend up to four sessions during the following times. Please note that a full time study programme is made up of three A Levels, or A Level equivalents. You can however attend up to four as we understand that often our applicants require support to firm up their final study programme.  
Each session lasts half an hour, with the exception of our 3 A Level equivalent BTECs which last an hour. This is because if you study one of these, this will be your full time study programme and you won't study any other subject.  The times are as follows: 

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Important notice 
Due to capacity, parents/carers are not able to join the lesson tasters. However, we have a range of optional bookable talks for our parents/carers on this evening. Further information regarding these can be found below. 

Parent/Carer Workshops: 8th February 2022 

Students who have applied, or intend to apply for September 2022 entry are invited to experience lesson tasters on 8th February 2022. These are designed to help them get a head start on their studies, and provides a valuable opportunity for them to ensure their choices are the right ones for them through a direct experience of their subject(s). 
Due to capacity at these, parents/carers will not be able to attend the sessions. However, we have an exciting programme of talks and sessions for our future parents/carers, as detailed below. These are running on a rolling basis throughout the evening. Please note they are bookable, and attendance is not obligatory. A rolling programme of College tours, and drop-ins with our Learning Support Centre, will also be in place. 
How it works  
You can attend up to four half hour sessions during the following times:

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Available sessions:

Happy, healthy, resilient students
Join us to hear more about the outstanding student well-being support available at HNC. This will share more about our services, and also how we work to ensure students protect their mental and physical well-being. We’ll also be sharing some top tips to help you support your son/daughter during their GCSE exams. 

Their future: our priority
Your son/daughter is currently taking the next step in securing their future career path. Join us to understand more about how our Careers support will ensure they achieve their future ambitions – including where they are currently not sure what these are. We’ll share more about how the courses they choose now will support their progression, and how we’ll ensure they identify and take the right next steps for them.

Investing in the future: choosing an enriching experience
Today universities want to see much more than an outstanding set of qualifications. Join us to learn more about how your son/daughter will invest in their future self through an outstanding enrichment programme. We’ll also share some great enrichment opportunities that are available to them now.

Your journey as a parent/carer
Whilst our students are young adults, we work closely with our parents/carers who are key to ensuring students can achieve their full potential. Join us to find out about how you will be part of this journey, and how your son/daughter will be supported to develop into a resilient, resourceful young adult via our Aspire tutorial programme.

Academic Excellence & the Sutton 30: Aspire XL
Is your son/daughter on track to achieve a high number of grade 7, 8 or 9s in their GCSEs? Our Aspire XL session will share more about how we ensure students realise the full potential of their academic qualifications and share more about how you can expect academic excellent. Join us to learn how we support students to secure places at  Oxbridge and Sutton 30 universities, and how our wider experiences ensure students grow their cultural capital. We also have HNC Alumnus and Oxford graduate Shaun Milne joining us to share how he secured his place and reveal more about his experience. 

Education in 2022: understanding Admissions and the options available
Students today have an almost endless range of possibilities when it comes to choosing their qualification options. This session will help you to understand how courses can be combined, the interview process, and how entry criteria works.

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* Subject to any national restrictions. Please ensure you check our website for the latest updates and to check for the most up-to-date event information before attending on these dates. 

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