Applying for your next step up to sixth form can be nerve-wracking, but we promise that your interview for Huddersfield New College is nothing to be nervous about. Your HNC interview isn't a 'test'- there are no questions designed to catch you out- it is all about making sure that we place you on the right course so that we can support your future ambitions and helping you explore the fantastic experience you can expect a little further. 

For those of you in our partner schools in Kirklees, we will be interviewing you in your school. The interview will last no longer than 15 minutes, and your school will provide a full report about your target grades, behaviour and attendance for us to work with. During your interview a member of the HNC admissions team will ask you some questions relating to your time at school and your future goals, which will help us to check the courses you have applied for are the best ones to support your ambitions. It's also your chance to ask us a question (or three!) so you can find out why studying at our outstanding College is the right next step for you.

If you attend an 11-18 school in Kirklees, or any other school outside of the Kirklees area, you will be invited to one of the College's interview evenings here at HNC. Everything about your interview is exactly the same, but you will need to ask your school to provide you with a full report so that you can bring it with you on the night. It's really important we have this - without it we're unable to make an offer of a place.

HNC's 'top tips' for your interview:

  • If you have a Record of Achievement, it's a good idea to bring it along to your interview. It can serve as a reminder of all the great things you have achieved in school
  • Hoping to study an A Level in Art? It might be a good idea to bring some examples of your work
  • During your interview we will ask a range of questions about things such as hobbies, work experience or any sporting talent- don't forget to tell us about your achievements!
  • Dress smartly. If we're interviewing you in school, please ensure that your uniform is correct
  • Ask questions! This is your opportunity to ask anything and everything about the HNC experience
  • Remember that the process is about making sure you are on the right courses and that HNC is the best fit for you
  • Most of all, this time is about doing the very best in your GCSE studies. Don't worry about making the transition to College - we are here to support you every step of the way with this, and now is the time to concentrate on excelling in your studies 


Want to remind yourself of the content and entry requirements of the courses you have applied for? You can find full details here.