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We understand that getting ready for your HNC interview may feel a little nerve-wracking - but we promise that there is nothing to be nervous about! Your HNC interview isn't a 'test'- there are no questions designed to catch you out- it is all about making sure that we place you on the right course so that we can support your future ambitions.

So, how does the interview process work?

  • If you have applied by our application deadline of Thursday 10th February, your application will be reviewed and we'll contact you with an outcome of this - in the vast majority of cases, this is an invitation to join us at one of our interview evenings here at College.
  • The interview process lasts up to half an hour, and after being greeted by our interviewing staff, we'll look at your predicted grades, behaviour and attendance. A key part of the interview is about making sure that the courses you plan to study are the best ones to support your future ambitions. You can expect to be on campus for around an hour in total
  • During the interview, we'll check that your predicated final grades mean that you are on track to achieve the entry criteria required for your Pathway option and your study programme, and that any individual subject criteria are met. If for any reason they don't, we'll discuss this with you at interview and alternative course options if appropriate 
  • There is also a chance for you to ask your questions and find out more about other things you may be eligible to join such as our XL programme or trialling for one of our Sports Academies 
  • In most cases, we will issue a conditional offer - meaning that you have a place, subject to you achieving the entry criteria in your exams. 
  • Don't panic, your offer will be explained to you in full at interview, and also how to accept your place - something which is crucial in ensuring your place is reserved for you! 

HNC's 'top tips' for your interview:

  • Your interview is all about you and your future ambitions. Ahead of your interview, spend time thinking about your career goals and research what courses and qualifications best support progression to your chosen career so you can discuss these with your interviewer. Most of your interview questions will be based on determining your course and study programme choices are right for you
  • Your interviewer will help you to choose the right course(s) and study programmes(s) for you - sometimes that may be a different to what you originally applied for. If you have changed your mind between submitting your application and your interview, we will discuss these changes during your interview
  • Hoping to study an A Level in Art? It might be a good idea to bring some examples of your work
  • During your interview we may ask questions about things such as work experience or any sporting talent
  • Dress smartly. First impressions count
  • Ask questions! This is your opportunity to ask anything and everything about the HNC experience and staff are always happy to help
  • Remember that the process is about making sure you are on the right courses and that HNC is the best fit for you. All of our questions are designed to help us make sure we do this 
  • Most of all, this time is about doing the very best in your GCSE studies - now is the time to concentrate on excelling in your studies . Don't worry about making the transition to College - ahead of joining HNC we provide a range of resources, such as HNC at Home, to give you the tools and information you need to make the best start possible 
  • In some circumstances, some students' attendance may fall below our expected level of 95%. Students whose attendance does fall below 95% will be asked to provide an attendance breakdown ahead of the interview so we are able to make a decision on a conditional offer on the night. If you've not sent this ahead of time, please ensure you bring your attendance information with you to your interview

Want to remind yourself of the content and entry requirements of the courses you have applied for? You can find a full list of our courses here.

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