New year’s resolutions are upon us again! Where did 2016 go?

We all get really excited, eager and start making resolutions for the coming year. But if we look at the truth.. Do we stick to our resolutions? Maybe for a few weeks or maybe a miraculous month or two until we decide to give up on them. Let's think back, a year back... Do you remember your resolutions last year? Did you stick to them? If your answer is no to those questions then here are a few do's and don'ts (with a few tips) in order to help you actually stick to you resolution.

1)  Don't have too many big goals, or even long term goals. Maybe choose two realistic goals that you know you will try to complete. Focus on the one you think is most important to you or the one you want to accomplish first and place your energy on that. Choose goals that you know you will dedicate your time to and will focus on. BE REALISTIC.

2) Do be selective. Linking back to the goals above, only your most important goals must make it to the list, don't choose a goal that is out of your control. A solid core of 5 to 10 goals is enough to start with, once again have 2 realistic goals. Remember, you can always add more goals later if you feel comfortable.

3) Don't rush in trying to complete the resolution as fast as you can, plan it out and maybe write it down on how you will achieve the goals over the year. But before you create your goal, think about it. Don't just come together with an idea in 5 minutes and settle on that. Choose a variety of goals, write them down in a planner or a book, and select which one is most important to you, don't limit your thinking just to end goals though  - just remember there's no rush.

4) Do make sure your resolution is well detailed and isn't just a vague resolution such as 'be fit'. Think of how you're going to achieve these goals?  Make them more sepcific such as 'go the gym 3 times a week', ' aim to eat at least 5 fruit and vegetables a day'. This way you are more likely to stick to the resolution.

5) Don't get discouraged and give up. We all start off amazing and then life just gets in the way and you slowly start to push back your resolution telling yourself that you will continue with them next month, and then you forget about them. Just think, you started off the new year with these goals in order to help your life become better and easier, use that as motivation and continue with those goals.

6) Do reward yourself. This may be a weird point but rewarding yourself maybe once every one or two months can help you keep rolling ahead. This doesn't mean giving BIG rewards to yourself, start off small. An example might be a treat with your friends or a special day out and slowly increase your rewards.

It's a new year; a fresh start.

By: Nadeya Hussain



Posted by studentblog1 on 23 December 2016

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