It’s that time of year again where the stress levels are rising, and we can’t escape the fast approaching exams we need to prepare for. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ drilled into our minds, it’s now time to prepare. Procrastinating? And your excuse is that you don’t know how to revise? Well, you will no longer have that excuse as here are five effective ways in which you can revise for your exams.

  1. Mind maps

    The most popular way to revise is of course to create a spider diagram containing key information. In order to create these is simple, use A3 sheets of paper and ensure that you have a variety of colourful pens and highlighters, as this will help the brain memorise important information. It’s all about your brain and how to aid its storing of information in your memory.

    Here are useful tips about what colours to use: red draws attention to something important, yellow highlights points and stimulates mental activity, and other colours like purple and blue create a contrast to red and yellow which therefore make information standout a lot more. Next split your subject into key topics, it will help your brain organise information and consequently it will help you memorise it a lot easier and quicker. After creating this instead of folding them up and putting them in a file, pin them up somewhere. It can be anywhere as simple as your bedroom wall. Through doing this you should be able to get into a routine of looking at this information and in time this will be stored in your memory.

    Effectiveness- 4.5/5

  2. Flash cards-

    These are probably the handiest revision technique of them all as you can literally take them everywhere (apart from in the exam of course) but nevertheless everywhere. Similarly to mind maps colour co-ordination and organisation is key as studies have shown that colour is the most powerful stimulus for the brain. Again like previously stated split and co- ordinate colour with a specific topic and write a question on one side and an answer with key information on the back, then wherever you may be just test yourself or feed your brain with quick fire questions. Perhaps even involve a friend and test each other.

    Effectiveness- 4/5

  3. Past papers

    Even though it’s not the most fun and colourful method it is however probably the most important form of revision you can do! By doing past papers this will enable you to understand the skills needed to achieve a successful grade in your exam, thus allowing you to improve essay skills and structure. Even more through using past paper questions as an effective way to revise, simply ease yourself into doing a question under exam conditions. Start by doing past papers with notes and no time limit, then perhaps look at the mark scheme. Then when you’re confident do it without any notes aim to do it in the time you would be given in the real exam. Make sure you give these to your course teacher to mark and give you feedback so you can work on how you can improve. Give it a go!

    Effectiveness- 5/5

  4. Study groups

    Even though this is probably the most unpopular method of revising this is effective, using your peers to help you and influence your revision will help you remember information. It is compulsory that you go to study sessions in college in your free time, here you will be able to discuss things with your class and most importantly your teacher. You can also get your friends to ask you questions from perhaps a text book or get them to explain an answer if you don’t understand or get it wrong. You could do this on the commute to college or after school. Make it fun! Organise an after college gathering, ensure snacks are at the ready, do some revision but of course make sure you all have frequent breaks, which you can enjoy a lot more with your friends. Knowing that all your peers are in the same position as you will make you less stressed and eager to revise.

    Effectiveness- 4/5

  5. Documentaries/ videos

    These are easily accessible and are a great way to gather and learn more information. If you are someone who learns from seeing and hearing something or from someone explaining something to you then this is the perfect method for you. Ensure that you make notes on the videos so you are able to remember key information and use this in your revision, like past papers.

    Effectiveness- 3.5/5

    Everyone has different ways to revise. Pick the ones that you find effective and suit you and your subject. If you are worried about your exams and your revision, don’t hesitate to go to your subject teachers or your tutor. Good luck for your exams!

    By Amy Newton

Posted by studentblog1 on 4 January 2017

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