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Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 Review

2 May 2017

A fresh new story for the Marvel Cinematic Universe


When the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out in 2014, everyone, myself included, was blown away by the vibrant new worlds and interesting characters that director James Gunn managed to create. Bringing together a talented cast,…


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Logan Review

5 April 2017

Logan Review


A fitting end to an iconic character and a career defining role for Hugh Jackman


Let me get this straight off the bat, “Logan” was a marvellous film, easily the best X-Men movie and quite possibly one of the best movies ever made. After the, somewhat, disappointment of…


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review

18 December 2016

Rogue One review: A movie for the fans


An enjoyable adventure, but predictable

Being a prequel to the original trilogy and yet a sequel for the prequel trilogy, Rogue One was always going to be a risky move, as the whole premise, the rebels getting the plans for the Death Star, was…


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