The A Level in 3D Design is a hands on subject that explores how great design can improve environments. In this course, you’ll explore the practical and conceptual elements of design with our experienced teachers supporting you to progress to a variety of exciting design-based careers. The information below shares some of the topics you will study and how these develop if you choose to specialise in 3D Design.


Some of the topics of this subject include:


- Product, architecture and interior design

- Exploring graphical techniques

- Work with materials to learn craft based processes

- Developing in-depth knowledge of computer based media

- Pursue specific areas of interest within design fields

Grade 4 in a relevant GCSE Art or Design subject. If students have not taken a GCSE Art or Design subject, then a portfolio of work will be considered. 

Studying an A Level in 3D Design is the perfect way to explore the possibilities a career in design offers. You will have the opportunity to discover your own design interests, whilst taking into account the needs of consumers. Working on a range of practical and conceptual projects and assignments, you’ll develop a variety of skills through visualisation, practical exploration, realisation and testing, making it a highly valued arts-based qualification for universities and employers alike. This is supported with work experience opportunities, residential visits, and the opportunity to undertake additional qualifications.

The possibilities offered from studying A Level 3D Design are many and varied! However, our students typically consider careers in areas such as Architecture, CAD, Product Design, Construction, Interior Design and Engineering.

This qualification could help you to progress to an apprenticeship or a university degree.

Good to Know

The UK has the second largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe.