3D Design is aimed at students who enjoy:

  • Creative problem solving through the visual conceptualisation of ideas

  • 2 & 3D modelling and/or realising practical solution

Grade 4 in a relevant GCSE Art or Design subject. If students have not taken a GCSE Art or Design subject, then a portfolio of work will be considered. 

In completing this course a broad range of specialist design skills will be developed together with an in-depth knowledge of graphical techniques, computer based media, materials and craft based processes. The emphasis is placed on the visualisation, practical exploration, realisation, and testing of ideas.

Students, within the work covered throughout both years, are encouraged to explore their own interests whilst taking into account the needs of the consumer society.

There will be opportunities to explore specific areas of interest within the fields of Product and/or Architectural and Interior Design, as well as developing visualisation skills in graphical and computer-based media.

There may also be the possibility in year two to take part in a CAD award through Autodesk that would support university applications in terms of additional UCAS points. 

All of the units will be assessed through a combination of internal and external assignments. 

The course provides the opportunity to progress into architecture, interior design, CAD, product design, furniture design, automotive design, construction, design management, teaching and design engineering. 


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