You will study a range of topics which reflect developments in the field of biology.

Topics include:
• Cells and cell transport
• Biological molecules
• Cardiorespiratory system and immunity
• Genetics and genetic variation
• Respiration and photosynthesis
• Nervous system
• Epigenetics and control of gene expression
• Practical investigations

Minimum of Grade 6 in GCSE Maths and GCSE Biology/ two Grade 6s within GCSE Combined Science 

You will learn about biological molecules, organs and organ systems that make up organisms and how organisms interact with their environment. Throughout the year you will improve your practical and problem solving skills using a lab book to record your progress.

The second year of this two year programme gives you the opportunity to build upon the knowledge and skills you have gained in the first year and to apply this knowledge to new exciting areas of biology. Areas studied include; energy transfer, gene technologies, genetic counselling, blood glucose control and diabetes. The specification also covers advances in personalised medicine and epigenetics.

Independent practical and problem solving skills are developed throughout the course and will be assessed through written examination and a separate practical skills endorsement.

A wide range of career opportunities are available, for example; medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, behavioural genetics, astrobiology and bioinformatics. Biology graduates are highly sought after by employers for their practical ability, problem solving and excellent written communication skills. The entry requirements for science related courses at university usually include at least two A Levels in science subjects or one science and maths. We therefore advise that you take another science or traditional maths in addition to A Level Biology. You can choose to study Biology as your only Science A Level and this is popular with those pursuing careers in nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, sport and psychology for example.

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