Chemistry is involved in everything we are and everything we do, from making a cup of tea to charging a mobile phone, and on this course you will explore in-depth the Science behind the reactions that happen day to day. In this A Level, you will explore the material world and study the very nature of matter and how it changes between its forms.

Grade 6 in GCSE Maths and grade 6/5 in GCSE Combined Sciences.  If studying GCSE single Sciences, then a grade 6 in GCSE Chemistry plus at least a grade 5 in another GCSE single Science subject.

**If a student has been entered for the lower tier GCSE Maths paper and are predicted a grade 5, but are predicted to achieve at least a grade 7/7 in Science subjects, this will meet the entry criteria for the subject.

The topics you study will see you learning about a wide-range of concepts and scientific theories. Topics will include:

• Atomic structure

• Amount of substance

• Energetics

• Rates of reaction

• Equilibria

• Transition metals

• Organic chemistry

• Chemical analysis

Building on the knowledge you gained at GCSE, at A Level you will develop your practical and problem solving skills within our professional-grade laboratories. Our subject experts will deliver outstanding lessons, and your learning will be brought to life with a range of practical experiments, university lectures and inspiring talks from visiting professionals.

You will have ample opportunity to develop your scientific knowledge inside and outside the classroom, from trips and visits to explore potential career paths, to taking part in our prestigious STEM Ambassador programme.

The assessment is 100% examination. There are 12 required practicals that must be completed for you to achieve the Practical Endorsement

Students studying A Level Chemistry can look forward to a wide-range of potential careers. Often described as the ‘central science’, this subject is essential to many STEM related undergraduate degrees such as Medicine and Veterinary Science. This traditional A Level is also well respected by Russell Group universities, and will aid progression to careers in competitive industries such as Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

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If you’re hoping to progress onto a career in Medicine or Veterinary Science, it is advisable that you study an A Level in Chemistry.

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