Ever wondered why onions make you cry? Or why ice floats in fizzy drinks? Chemistry is involved in so many aspects of day-to-day life, and in A Level Chemistry you’ll learn about the science behind these chemical reactions, explore the material world and delve deep into the very nature of matter.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway and a grade 6 in GCSE Maths* and grade 6/5 in GCSE Sciences. 

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*If a student has been entered for the lower tier GCSE Maths paper and are predicted a grade 5, but are predicted to achieve at least a grade 7/7 in Science subjects, this will meet the entry criteria for the subject.

This fascinating subject will see you learning about a wide range of concepts and scientific theories, including:

- Atomic structure
- Energetics
- Rates of reaction
- Organic chemistry
- Chemical analysis

You’ll put learning into practice in our professional grade labs, by conducting a range of complex experiments, which advance your practical understanding of the field and set you up to pursue higher level study.

You will be taught by passionate subject specialists who will support your learning and development throughout your studies. Your learning won’t just be contained to the classroom either – from trips and visits to discover potential career paths and university lectures by inspiring academics, you’ll enjoy a truly well-rounded learning experience.

The assessment is 100% examination. There are 12 required practicals that must be completed for you to achieve the Practical Endorsement

A qualification in Chemistry unlocks pathways to an exciting array of opportunities. Often described as the ‘central science’, an A Level in Chemistry is an essential for studying many STEM and STEM related degree courses.

Studying Chemistry will aid progression to careers in highly regarded industries such as Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

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An A Level in Chemistry is a requirement for many Medicine and Veterinary Science courses. Key skills you will gain through studying A Level Chemistry include research and presentation, problem solving and data analysis

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