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Like it or not, crime is all around us. In Criminology, you’ll explore different types of crime and criminal behaviour and, in turn, gain a clearer understanding of criminality and key questions surrounding it. These include questions such as why do certain crimes go unreported and why are certain groups overrepresented in the prison population? You’ll also look at responses to crime, in particular, punishments and the ways in which society attempts to tackle crime.

This popular 1 A Level equivalent subject will see you explore a variety of themes and you’ll be encouraged to explore your own feelings and judgements surrounding criminal behaviour, helping you to develop your debating and analytical skills.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway.

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This fascinating subject will see you exploring an interesting range of crime related topics, including:

- Changing awareness of crime
- Criminological theories
- Crime scene to courtroom
- Crime and punishment

Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

You’ll engage in in-depth examination of a range of real-life criminal cases and apply various criminological theories to them to advance your understanding of how crime operates in society and the impact that it has. You’ll be taught by knowledgeable subject teachers who will
encourage your curiosity and support you in becoming a confident, independent learner. The strong vocational nature of this course will
enable you to become adept at applying criminological theories to real life scenarios, and you’ll use this to formulate your own opinions
and arguments surrounding crime related topics, which you’ll debate and discuss with your peers.

You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills throughout your time on the course through a wide range of enrichment opportunities, combining your classroom learning with exciting trips and visits. Our Criminology students have benefitted from:

- Visiting guest speakers from the Criminal Justice System
- Taking part in trips and visits to courts and prisons
- Taking part in ‘real life’ crime scene investigations

This course is assessed via a mixture of examinations (50%) and controlled assessment (50%). 

Criminology can support progression to an exciting array of destinations, including degree level study in subjects such as Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and Law.

Students who study Criminology often work in areas such as Policing, Probation, Social Work and Forensic Sciences, and with major employers including, central and local government, prison and probation services, and non-profit-making organisations.

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This course is assessed by a mixture of exams and controlled assessment, meaning you’ll complete a portion of your formal assessment during your studies, rather than all of it at the end. 

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