This course is an examination based Applied Diploma. It is equivalent to one A level and is graded A to E.

Over 2 years you will study 4 units that will give you a deeper understanding of different crimes, their effects on society and criminological theory.
• Changing awareness of crime
• Criminological theories
• Crime scene to court room
• Crime and punishment

A minimum of a Grade 4 in a traditional written subject e.g. GCSE History or English Literature. 

This course is equivalent to 1 A Level.
Unit 1 Media Representations of Crime: The purpose of this unit is to allow you to plan a campaign for change relating to crime. You will focus on under reported crimes, the reasons behind why the crimes go unreported and what the impact is on society if we do not report all crime.
Unit 2 Criminological Theories: This unit introduces you to the different theories of criminality. Is crime inherited and within our nature? Or is it something we learn from our environment?
Unit 3 Crime Scene to Courtroom: Through this unit, you will develop the understanding and skills needed to examine information and evidence in order to review the justice of verdicts in criminal cases.
Unit 4 Crime and Punishment: The purpose of this unit is to help you develop skills in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of social control. Are punishments such as ASBO’s effective? Are prisons effective in gaining social control and stopping criminals reoffending?

50% examinations and 50% controlled assessments.
Each year you will complete 2 units. One unit will be assessed with an hour and a half examination. The other unit will be assessed via an internal controlled assessment. The internal assessment will be 8 hours long and will require students to produce a written report that is linked to a scenario of crime.


There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of university degrees in areas such as Criminology, Psychology, Forensics or Law. You will also develop a deeper understanding of different job roles related to Criminology and this will allow you to pursue a career with the Police, Probation Service or many other roles within The Criminal Justice System.

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