This is a two year programme which will broaden your understanding of many areas within drama, and develop your acting and performance skills. You will also develop your analytical interpretation skills. Topics include:
• Creation, development and performance of pieces using a variety of theatre techniques and an extract from a text
• Exploration of different play texts
• Analysis of script extracts
• Reinterpretation of an extract from a set text

General College entry criteria applies.

Your lessons will see you undertaking a range of classroom based learning in addition to honing your skills in our onsite theatres. A confidence and passion for Performing Arts is naturally required.

The course includes a range of written and practical exams, and analysis of texts including questions on an unseen script on areas such as charactisation and staging.

This A Level supports a wide range of progression routes. This includes roles in the field, and on to a wider range of careers. This subject can support a wider range of careers including those that require confidence in public speaking. Over the two years, you will develop a range of skills in relation to acting and performing, along with analytical interpretation and writing skills.

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