Think Economics is all about Maths? Think again! Economics is about studying the world around us from a social, financial and cultural perspective. You will gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge from an understanding of current affairs to the ability to analyse data and develop your numeracy skills. Some of the topics you will study if you choose this rewarding subject include:

- How markets determine the prices we pay for everyday goods and services

- The role of Government in determining how economies run

- How economies grow and influence our life and culture

- The Bank of England and the role of interest rates

- Business economics such as profit and the role of competition

- Economic development, inequality and poverty

- Globalisation and the role of international trade


Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and grade 5 in GCSE Maths.

At the heart of Economics is problem solving and understanding how things work. As part of this you will develop your debating and investigation skills in group work where you will look at some of the topics detailed above. Your views will be challenged, whilst developing your ability to analyse and reason.


This is a vibrant and engaging course where your skills are developed with the support of our excellent teachers. Our outstanding resources include theory notes and videos.

Economics supports a fantastic range of careers. Your chosen combination of courses will help to determine your next steps. Typically, our students progress to careers in areas including Accountancy and Finance, Business and Statistics. At university you could choose to study Economics as a subject on its own or as part of a joint degree with Business Management and Finance.

Good to Know

Studying Economics helps you develop effective problem-solving skills. These are vital skills, highly valued by employers in all fields.