A Level English will see you exploring a wide range of texts to explore life’s fundamental themes. What do some of the greatest writers tell us about love, bravery, justice and prejudice and what does this tell us about the times in which they lived?

Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature.  Students are strongly advised to study traditional written subjects alongside e.g. A Level History. General entry criteria also applies.

The topics you study will build on your GCSE studies and you will be reading eight different texts to debate and explore what the writers have to say. Topics and texts include:

• Texts linked to the theme of protest. Texts include Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

• Texts linked to the themes of tragedy including Shakespeare’s Othello, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and a selection of poetry by John Keats

• Texts for your coursework include reading a further poetry text and a novel independently, chosen by you with advice from your teacher.

English Literature is a stimulating, lively and creative subject. Our teachers are all subject specialists, and through engaging lessons, you will explore new ideas and challenge your own thinking.

Your lessons involve plenty of discussion, debate and working with others. You’ll hone your debate skills, and broaden your horizons. Your experience will develop a wide range of transferable skills such as the ability to analyse, persuade and contrast an argument.

With regular theatre trips, you will gain a new perspective on the texts you study.

The assessment is examinations and coursework. Two exams at the end of the second year account for 80% of your final grade, and coursework accounts for 20%.

English Literature is a traditional subject that can open up many different doors. As an academic A Level, it is accepted widely by universities. We strongly advise that you study this alongside other traditional A Levels such as History. English Literature is valued in a range of graduate careers such a Teaching, Business and Finance, Journalism and even Politics!

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English Literature is a well-respected academic A Level that can open up many doors. You are strongly advised to study this alongside traditional written subjects such as History.

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