In Film Studies you will study modern and historical film topics and the application of creative film forms including:

• Cinematography
• Aesthetics
• Editing
• Screenwriting
• Storyboarding
• Mise-en-scene
• Narrative
• Critical debates 

Lessons have a varied approach and will largely consist of analytical work, critical debates and practical related activities.


General College entry criteria applies. 

You will be studying a wide and diverse selection of film texts that range from the modern (Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall) to the historical (Singing in the Rain, Raging Bull, Buster Keaton). During the course there will be opportunities to take part in various enrichment activities such as a trip to the York Independent film festival, masterclasses from professional filmmakers and multiplex visits.

Film Studies offers a solid foundation for a variety of university related courses and is an acknowledged academic and vocational subject at the higher levels. Many of our students go on to study or work in related areas, for example, film production companies, art based curators, teaching and technical assistants. If you have a real heartfelt passion and burning enthusiasm for film in all its forms, and want to know what it takes to transition from the Independent film sector to the glittering allure of Hollywood, then we are certain Film Studies is the right subject for you. 

30% Coursework and 70% Examinations:

Film A Level will be assessed via two written examinations at the end of two years and a coursework portfolio consisting of a script and an accompanying storyboard.


There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of university degrees leading to careers in professional filmmaking, scriptwriting, journalism and a wealth of other related media industries. You will also develop a wide range of transferable skills such as analytical skills, research skills, creative writing skills and the use of industry related programmes that can be utilised in various fields. 

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