A Level Film Studies is an academic subject that will stretch and challenge your critical debating skills, and encourage you to think outside of the box when analysing scripts and the symbolism they convey. You will gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge of the film and media sectors, helping you to progress to a variety of careers in the industry. Some of the topics you will study if you choose this engaging subject include:


- Cinematography

- Aesthetics

- Editing

- Screenwriting

- Storyboarding

- Mise-en-scene

- Narrative


Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature.


While studying for a qualification in Film, you will explore a variety of themes and genres, and will analyse a wide range and diverse selection of film texts, from the modern (Dark Night Rises, Skyfall) to the classic (Singing in the Rain, Raging Bull). Your views will be challenged, whilst developing your ability to analyse and reason.


This is a vibrant and engaging course where your skills are developed with the support of our excellent teachers. Our outstanding resources include state of the art Media facilities and expert teaching staff.

An A Level in Film Studies can support you to progress on to a range of exciting careers. Your chosen combination of courses will help to determine your next steps. Typically, our students progress to careers in areas such as professional filmmaking and scriptwriting.

Good to Know

Over 66,000 people work in the UK film industry, of whom 42,000 work in film and video production.