A Level French is your opportunity to build on the linguistic skills developed at GCSE and move towards speaking French fluently. You will develop the ability to confidently communicate in written and spoken French with a high level of grammatical accuracy.


Studies are brought to life through the study of contemporary topics and the French culture. Topics include:


- Education and employment in France or the French speaking world

- Family life in French culture

- Literature and film of France

- Media

- Equality and diversity in the French speaking world

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and grade 5 in GCSE French.

Through the study of the language, grammatical systems, communication, culture and politics of French speaking countries, you will learn how to confidently communicate in written and spoken French whilst developing a deep understanding of French culture.


Lessons are incredibly interactive, using animated methods in group, individual and pair work to develop your skills, allowing you to adapt your language skills in new and challenging situations. This includes half an hour each week on a one to one basis with a native French speaker to practise your skills, to allow you to debate, expand and challenge your language skills.


Being able to speak a second language can enhance your employability significantly, and there are a huge range of options at university such as Teaching, Journalism or Communications. With many businesses trading internationally, being able to speak French can give you the edge in employment.

Good to Know

French is spoken by 74 million people worldwide. A British Council report found that 49% of employers would actively recruit someone who could speak the language.