You will study topics which reflect French society together with modern history and culture of the French speaking world. These include:

  • Education and employment in France or the French speaking world

  • Family life and changes in French society

  • Traditions and culture of French society

  • Equality and diversity in the French speaking world

  • Media and culture of the French speaking world

  • Immigration and integration in France

  • Literature and film of France 

A minimum of a Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and GCSE French.

You will revise and expand your knowledge of grammar, so that you can handle the language with confidence and adapt what you know to new situations. In lessons we use a variety of animated methods to promote learning and you will do individual, pair and group work, writing and reading tasks, listening activities, presentations, interviews and role-plays. You will have half an hour each week on a 1-1 basis with a native French speaker to practise your spoken French. Sessions are animated, varied and without a doubt an enjoyable experience, learning about life in the country of your language.

100% examinations. 


There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of university degrees leading to careers in languages, teaching, communications, journalism or even working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Being able to speak a foreign language can lead to an increased spectrum of career opportunities that are also invariably exclusive. British businesses based both here and around the world are actively recruiting those who can speak a second language. 

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