This course is ideal if you have a passion for Mathematics and want to develop your knowledge beyond the content of the A Level Maths qualification. We offer a unique syllabus which includes 50% Applied Maths, meaning you will enjoy applying maths to real world scenarios, making it ideal for those thinking of a career in IT, Computer Science, Engineering or Economics, or any career where maths is used to solve problems which affect people in their day-to-day lives.


At HNC, Further Maths can be studied as a fourth A Level option, allowing students to achieve an AS Level at the end of the first year of study, or continue the subject to achieve the full A Level in year 2.


Applied Mathematics


Topics will help you to explore how concepts can be applied to solve real, practical problems, such as:


  • Finding the maximum flow of traffic that can pass through a city at rush hour
  • Solving the 'Google Maps' problem of finding the shortest, fastest or cheapest route between two points on a map
  • Finding the optimal way to organise a project made up of smaller tasks, so that it comes in on schedule and under budget
  • Obtaining the optimal way to allocate tasks to employees within an organisation
  • Developing strategies to manage risk in 'games', whether two-player board games or international conflicts
  • Finding an optimal way to load cargo for transportation  

Challenging you beyond A Level Mathematics...


The other 50% of your learning will see you exploring the more fascinating aspects of algebra that are not seen in A Level Mathematics, such as:


  • Imaginary numbers, which help us to solve equations which look like they have no solutions (have you tried to solve X² =1 =0!)
  • Matrices: 2D arrays of values which are used for solving lots of equations simultaneously, and have applications in areas from computer graphics to weather prediction
  • Differential equations, which are used in science for describing everything from the growth of populations to how air flows around a sports car, and in economics to describe the change in value assets like stocks, bonds and commodities  

Grade 7 in GCSE Maths.

Further Mathematics focuses upon providing you with a deeper understanding of Maths, designed to extend and challenge gifted Mathematicians. Under the guidance of teachers you will extend your knowledge of algebra, use techniques to optimise flow through a network and learn how to write functions as infinitely long sums – all of which are crucial scientific concepts.


Group work and one to one support will help you to explore these exciting concepts, taking your mathematical aptitude to a higher level and developing your logical, numerical and problem solving skills in the process.

Students who opt for Further Mathematics generally intend to progress to university to study subjects such as Mathematics or Physics, but it is also essential to a wide range of degrees such as Engineering and Computing. This A Level is perfect for students who also study A Level Computer Science.

Good to Know

Some prestigious university courses require you to have a Further Mathematics qualification and others may even adjust their grade requirements more favourably to students with Further Mathematics, according to the Further Mathematics Support Programme.