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Further Maths

Specific requirements

Grade 7 in GCSE Maths.

What will I study?

Further Maths is available at AS and A Level and may be taken alongside AS or A Level Maths. It is perfect for those who may be studying other traditional A Levels such as Physics or Chemistry, or who are considering studying Mathematics at university. In Further Maths you study areas such as: matrices (which are crucial in Physics and computer programming); real, imaginary and complex numbers; mathematical proof and solving differential equations, which are essential to areas of Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Is A Level Further Maths for me?

Some students choose to study Further Maths as a fourth subject for just one year, stopping at AS level. For students applying to university for Maths, Science and Engineering degrees, this is a great way to make your application more attractive and help better prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Where Can A Level Further Maths Take Me?

Students who take A Level Maths Further often go on to university, to study degrees in

• Maths
• Sciences
• Engineering
• Computer Science

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