A Level Further Maths allows you the opportunity to explore maths beyond the content seen in A Level Maths.  You will develop your skills in algebra through:

  • Algebraic Proof
  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices
  • Summation of Series
  • Calculus
  • Vector Geometry
  • Differential Equations

You will also develop skills around computational mathematics, such as

  • Algorithms.
  • Game theory.

A minimum of a Grade 7 in GCSE Maths.

This is for you if you enjoy solving challenging problems in Mathematics, and you are eager to go beyond the content seen in A Level Maths.

On this course you will:

  • Extend your knowledge of number to include complex numbers

  • Learn how matrices, vectors and complex numbers allow us to solve problems in geometry

  • Learn how to write functions as infinitely long sums

  • Use techniques to optimise flow through a network

  • Learn the computational techniques behind finding the shortest distance between two points on a network


You may progress to university to study Mathematics or Physics. However, A Level Further Maths is also useful for you if you are considering degrees in Engineering, Computing, and many other demanding degree courses. 

Do you have any questions?

If there is anything you would still like to know about this course, please don’t hesitate to ask us.