You will develop your ability to communicate visually, and produce exciting and thought-provoking work that communicates meaning to an audience. You will create a portfolio of creative graphic outcomes exploring:

  • Illustration
  • Digital Media: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Mixed media collage
  • Typography
  • Layout and composition
  • Producing graphical outcomes for advertising, promotion and marketing, packaging design. You will also look at designing for print, multimedia, and animation


A minimum of a Grade 4 in a relevant GCSE Art subject. A portfolio of work will be considered where this subject has not been studied at GCSE.

You will develop your creative abilities to communicate visually, produce exciting and thought provoking graphic outcomes that communicate meaning or elicit a reaction from an audience. You will explore a range of graphic media, techniques and processes, practicing and developing skills in both traditional media such as; drawing, painting and collage. You will work with new technologies and the latest industry standard computer software Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You will also explore working with type and typographical layout.

The course aims to develop your visual language skills and create a portfolio of work and graphic outcomes in response to a range of commercial project briefs for illustration, advertising, promotion and marketing, packaging design, and design for print. Artists’ and designers’ work are used as a source of inspiration for your own work and will engage you in critical thinking. 

You will be assessed continually throughout the course, where feedback provides the opportunity for you to improve your work and subsequent grade. There will be a final assessment at the end of the second year. You should talk to our excellent department staff at one of our Open Events to understand the different elements of assessment. 

There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of higher education courses within the creative industries, these include courses in Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising, Animation, Marketing and Web Design, as well as many other options. You will also produce a portfolio of work that will prepare you well for both university interviews and for when looking for employment. 

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