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Are you interested in developing an understanding of the past and how this has shaped society today? Are you keen to develop highly valued skills such as the ability to investigate and evaluate evidence to reach conclusions? Then A Level History is the subject for you! 

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway.

For further information on the pathways, please click here.

This engaging and interactive subject will see you studying a range of historical periods and movements, including:

- Conflict and Reformation in Tudor England (1529-1570)
- The Quest for Political Stability in Germany (1871-1991)
- US Civil Rights (1909-2009)

Our team of expert teachers will guide and support you in developing critical thinking skills, as you explore the impact of past events on modern day life.

Educate, Enrich, Enlighten

You’ll benefit from first-class support throughout your time on the course. As you study more than one period of history, you will enjoy a wide ranging and interesting experience. Through your studies you will develop your skills in clear and concise communication (both written and verbal), the ability to evaluate evidence and draw conclusions – all valuable life skills.

Outside the classroom and College, you will enjoy visits to some impressive historical destinations. Graduates have visited European destinations including Berlin and London, along with a range of university taster days. 

This course has strong links with a range of enrichments at HNC – you’ll be encouraged for example to sign up to our Debate Club. This is a fantastic way to grow your presentation skills.

This course is assessed by a mixture of examinations (80%) and coursework (20%). 

A Level in History is a highly regarded subject and will support your progression to a fantastic range of degrees and careers. Our students move on to a wide range of university courses such as History, International Relations, Philosophy, English, Archaeology, Politics, Law and Anthropology. More widely, the skills you gain will support you to secure high quality jobs and apprenticeships.

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A Level History is a commonly required subject by universities and is often a requirement for courses at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. You also don’t have to have applied to study the subject at GCSE to take it at A Level. 

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Military History at the University of Kent

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