Law is a dynamic, evolving subject. You will study topics which reflect modern developments in the Law, as well as its application including:
• The English Legal System – how and why laws are made
• Fatal offences - murder and manslaughter
• Non-fatal offences - assault, battery, ABH and GBH
• The tort of negligence – duty of care and consequences of breach
• Contract law – how to make and break them

A minimum of a Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and a Grade 4 in a traditional written subject e.g. GCSE History or English Literature. 

Law is a subject that surrounds you and affects your everyday life, whether you show an interest in it or not – there is no ‘opting out’ of the law! Given its direct impact upon the way in which we live our lives, isn’t it worth knowing about it? After all, you could be called for jury service at any point from the age of 18. You can be charged with a crime from the age of 10. Remember, ignorance of the Law is never a defence!

You may not be expecting to commit a crime any time soon or sue someone in the civil courts, but an understanding of the traditions of the English Legal System is invaluable. Visits to the Magistrates and Crown Courts in Leeds, as well as Parliament in London, reinforce the dynamism of the Law. Your skills of communication (both written and verbal) will be enhanced, and you will have ample opportunity to analyse and solve ‘real-life’ legal problems. 

100% Examination.
Law A Level will be assessed by three 2 hour written examinations at the end of two years.


You will develop your communication and problem-solving skills, both of which are
valuable in a wide range of occupations.

There is significant potential for you to progress onto a legal apprenticeship or on to a wide range of university degrees, from traditional courses such as History and English to more modern degrees such as Criminology and Policing. A Level Law can lead to careers in teaching, the Police, Armed Forces, prison service, probation service, business/commerce, social work and, of course, the legal profession.

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