Law is central to our lives. Whether you choose to learn about it or not, it protects us and provides a framework of behaviour through which we must live. In this fascinating subject, you will examine real-life cases and consider the often complex moral dilemmas they pose.

Grade 4 in a traditional written subject, for example GCSE History or GCSE English Literature. General entry criteria also applies.

The topics you study as part of this dynamic subject are diverse and will challenge your thinking. These include:

• The English Legal System

• Murder and manslaughter

• ABH and GBH

• The tort of negligence

• Consumer rights

• Contract law

• Law and morals

• Law and justice

Our teachers all have experience of working outside education, within fields relating to law. All have degree and/or post graduate legal qualifications. They will engage you in fast-paced debate and discussion during your learning. You will also have the chance to visit the Magistrates’ and Crown Court to see the law in action.

The assessment is 100% examination, comprising of three two hour exams.

Some of our students choose A Level Law because they aspire to a career in the legal profession, but - because it develops such a broad range of transferable skills - the course can lead to many and varied careers. Former students have left us to serve in the Armed Forces, the Police Force, the Probation Service, Prison Service or become Teachers, Journalists and Social Workers. Many former students progress to Law at university and have since become Solicitors and Barristers.

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Law is considered one of the world's most traditional professions. 

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