What is the difference between assault and battery? What are your rights if a retailer refuses to refund a purchase? To what extent can force be used in self-defence? If you have ever wondered about any of these questions, then A Level Law could be the subject for you! This dynamic subject will see you exploring a range of topics including:


- Murder and manslaughter

- Non-fatal offences

- The tort of negligence

- Contract law

- Consumer rights


Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and grade 4 in a traditional written subject, for example GCSE History or GCSE English Literature. 

This dynamic course is taught by experienced teachers, and will see you engaging in fast paced debate and discussion to explore the topics above. This subject is brought to life in a range of ways, including visits to court and the opportunity to take part in mock trials. You will learn all about the law in England and Wales, and apply this knowledge to real life scenarios and apply the law to solving these cases!

Some students take A Level Law because they already know that they want a career in Law. It provides an excellent introduction to students who want to progress to a degree or even a legal apprenticeship. However, it is not just for the obvious career paths! It complements other Humanities subjects, Social Sciences and any professions where a knowledge of the law is useful, from Policing to Journalism and Teaching to Retail Management!

Good to Know

Law is considered one of the world's most traditional professions.