A Level Maths builds upon the higher tier algebra topics you have studied at GCSE.
You will study topics including:
• Coordinate geometry
• Sequences and series
• Calculus
• Trigonometry
• Graphs of functions
• Exponentials and logarithms
• Probability and data
• Mechanics

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Grade 7 in GCSE Maths. A grade 6 in GCSE Maths may be considered if your GCSE average point score is 6.5 or above

This is for you if you enjoy and are successful in algebra. Through studying it, you will learn how to solve increasingly difficult equations, and begin to see how algebra allows us to explain and predict the world around us. You will have enjoyed GCSE topics such as quadratic equations, surds, the Cosine Rule, and want to take these skills further. For example you will:
• Build on your GCSE skills with quadratic equations to solve trigonometric equations
• Learn how to expand expressions
• Discover calculus, which is a set of techniques for finding maximum and
minimum values of functions and modelling many really world situations
• Learn how to use logarithms to find exact solutions to power equations
• Extend your skills in applying maths to solve problems in data handling
• Model the motion and interaction of particles using algebraic techniques

100% examination.

A Level Maths is an essential requirement for many degrees. These tend to be STEM subjects (e.g. Engineering, Computer Science, Physics) but also subjects such as Actuarial Sciences, and Economics.

There are many other degrees where A Level Maths is often part of the entry criteria, especially at Russell Group universities. As well as the sciences these also include arts and humanities such as Geography, Philosophy and Architecture. Some universities may ask for A Level Maths for entry on to medical related degree programmes such as Medicine, Veterinary Sciences, Optometry and Pharmacy.

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