A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religion is a fascinating and enlightening subject, opening up a world of opportunity for your future! You will explore a range of beliefs, and examine the very nature of existence. Topics include:


- Buddhist philosophy and practices – do we have a ‘self’?

- Mediation – both practical and theoretical

- Arguments for and against the existence God

- The nature and problem of evil – does evil even exist?

- Free will and determinism – do we have free will?

- Ethical thought - is there a standard of morality?

- Utilitarianism, situation ethics and natural law – ways of making ethical decisions


Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and grade 4 in a traditional written subject, for example GCSE History or GCSE English Literature. 

How do the beliefs we hold shape our views of the wider world? You will discuss and debate topics as diverse as the ethics of nuclear deterrents to the Classical Greek philosophies on what makes a ‘good life’. You will explore the very fundamentals of the universe and apply it to your own existence and beliefs; under the direction of our qualified teachers you will question your views, share your ideas, and listen and respect the views of others – prepare to be challenged!

This is a facilitating subject, supporting a wide range of progression routes. Students can progress to degree courses in Philosophy, Humanities, English, Law and Anthropology. Due to the ethical nature of the course it is widely valued in careers such as the Police and Medicine.

Good to Know

This subject is welcomed by many prestigious universities. 21% of students admitted to Oxford University to study English and 13.5% who were successful in studying History in 2015 had this A Level.