In A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, you’ll examine the very nature of existence, from the beginnings of the universe to individual views on what is right or wrong.

You’ll explore a varied range of core topics based around life and society, and learn to become self-reflective – exploring and questioning your own views and those of your peers.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway.

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This fascinating subject will see you studying stimulating topics, including:

- Buddhist practices
- Meditation
- Arguments for and against God
- The nature and problem of evil
- Ethical thought - is there a standard of morality?

On this eye-opening course, you’ll reflect on your own beliefs about life, and explore modern and ancient issues ranging from the ethics of nuclear deterrents to Classical Greek philosophies on what makes a good life.

Under the guidance of our team of outstanding subject specialist teachers, you will explore a range of engaging topics and develop your critical thinking skills and you’ll explore theories that will see you understanding the very nature of life.

This lively course will also see you engaging in a great deal of critical thinking and debate on prominent and sometimes controversial questions, ideas and values, and will open your eyes to new perspectives on these.

You’ll benefit from superb study support, including access to Study Hub learning spaces across the college and tailored subject support sessions.

This course is assessed solely by examinations. 

Our students progress onto a varied range of degree programmes, including Philosophy, English, International Development, Law and Anthropology.

An A Level in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion allows you to reflect on life’s big questions and teaches you how to analyse and communicate ideas logically, which are skills that many employers value highly. Job roles where this qualification could be useful include Teacher, Chaplain, Civil Service Officer, Policy Officer and Psychotherapist, amongst many others.

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A Level Philosophy is well-respected by prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

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