In A Level photography you will learn topic areas including:

• Photoshop
• Studio lighting
• Creative lighting
• Darkroom
• Location photography and DSLR 

A minimum of a Grade 4 in Photography or a relevant GCSE Art subject. A portfolio of work may be considered where these subjects have not been studied.

You will be given a theme to research, which is developed and influenced by the style of a professional photographer. You will begin to understand different styles of photography through critical analysis of the work of others. Ideas are created and developed through the use of digital manipulation to form a set of final outcomes that demonstrate a variety of techniques and compositional awareness.

You will have opportunities to generate and develop ideas, research primary and contextual sources, experiment with media and refine ideas towards producing personal resolved outcome(s). Projects become more focused and you will choose a particular area of photography to study. You will generate and develop and review new ideas and personal resolved outcome(s) in response to an externally set theme. 

You will be assessed continually throughout the course, where feedback provides the opportunity for you to improve your work and subsequent grade. There will be a final assessment at the end of the second year. 

There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of higher education courses within the creative industries, these include courses in Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising, Animation, Marketing and Web Design, as well as many other options. You will also produce a portfolio of work that will prepare you well for both university interviews and for when looking for employment. 

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