Have you ever wondered why some people can run faster than others, can hold their nerve in a penalty shoot-out or how the human body can sprint 100m in under ten seconds? Then this subject could be for you!


This subject combines both practical activity and theory. You will undertake physical activity and through your academic studies, develop a deep understanding of how to improve your performance, and that of others. Key topics include:


- Applied anatomy and physiology

- Physical education and society

- Exercise physiology

- Biomechanical movement

- Sport and exercise psychology

- The role of technology in sport performance


Grade 5 in GCSE Biology or grade 5 in the Biology element of GCSE Combined Science, plus grade 4 in GCSE PE, if taken. If GCSE PE is not taken, then evidence of good performance in a named sport will be considered. 

This course combines both classroom learning and practical activity. With the support of our knowledgeable team, you will enjoy an interesting and challenging learning experience. Through this you will grow your knowledge, and develop transferable skills such as decision making, problem solving and analytical skills.

Students often progress to university degrees such as Physical Activity and Health and Sport and Exercise Science. It is also a great subject to complement further study in areas such as Biology. There are a huge range of career paths such as Sport Psychology, Physiotherapy and of course, teaching!

Good to Know

You will develop lifelong skills such as leadership and working with others alongside developing your knowledge of Physical Education.