There has never been a more exciting and unpredictable time to study A Level Politics. If you have an enquiring mind and a desire to understand how sometimes the decisions of a minority affect the daily lives of the majority, then this is a fantastic choice for you!

Grade 4 in a traditional written subject, for example GCSE History or GCSE English Literature. General entry criteria also applies.

The topics you will study will see you exploring how politics affects every aspect of our lives. These include:

• Democracy and participation

• Core ideologies such as Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism

• Governing the UK; from constitutional principles to parliamentary functions

• Ecologism depth study

• Global political issues such as human rights and environmental concerns

All of our teachers are well qualified subject specialists. Under their guidance, you will explore and develop your critical thinking skills and understanding of how politics shapes every aspect of our lives.

We offer unrivalled support, with a Study Hub and complimentary access to resources such as Hodder’s Politics Review series.

Students on our engaging and interactive course will also enjoy visits to some unique destinations. Recent graduates have visited European destinations including Berlin and London, along with a range of university taster days.

The assessment is 100% examination. You will sit three exams each with equal weighting.

A Level Politics is a great option for any career where knowledge of current affairs or the political system is vital, such as Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology, or of course, Politics!

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Politics complements subjects such as History and Law. The first year of the qualification caters for the fact students have not studied it at GCSE so applicants should not be deterred by this.  

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Social Policy and Sociology at The University of Edinburgh

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