What makes people behave in certain ways? Why can your mood and confidence be affected by different things? Why do our behaviours, mental processes and life experiences make us unique? If you have a curious and enquiring mind, and are interested in the science behind all of these types of questions and the answers, then Psychology could be the subject for you! Key topics you will study include:

- Memory

- Psychopathology

- Forensic psychology

- Stress

- Gender

- Bio-Psychology and neurology

- Attachment theory

- Social psychology


Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and grade 5 in GCSE Maths, plus grade 4 in GCSE Biology or one grade 4 within GCSE Combined Sciences grades. 

With the support of our highly-qualified subject specialists, you will undertake practical work as you design and conduct your own experimental research, to help you understand and evaluate various theoretical approaches to explaining behaviour, crime and mental illness. Staff bring your learning to life in unique ways, for example the use of ‘egg babies’ as part of the attachment theory module, or observation of a brain dissection during the study of Bio-Psychology.

Psychology is a fantastic subject to support your progression, and links to a huge range of careers - anywhere you will be working with people. Students studying this qualification move to degrees in areas including Policing, Psychology and Health Professions, and where language and communication skills are crucial such as Advertising, Journalism, Teaching, Law and Forensic Linguistics. There are few potential career paths where excellent communication skills are not an advantage!

Good to Know

Unlike traditional sciences, Psychology doesn’t claim to know everything. There is a strong scientific element to the course and you will explore many daring, challenging and often socially sensitive questions.