Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. This fascinating subject will see you exploring questions such as why are we likely to obey authority figures, why we conform to the expectations of society, and why do our behaviours, mental processes and life experiences make us unique?

Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics. General criteria also applies.

The topics you will study will see you exploring the answers to key questions around human behaviour. These include:

• Memory

• Psychopathology

• Forensic psychology

• Eating Behaviour

• Gender

• Bio-Psychology and neurology

• Attachment theory

• Social psychology

All of our teachers are qualified to degree level in this subject, and are subject specialists themselves. Under their guidance, you will experience the role of a research psychologist as you design and conduct your own experiments and develop your analytical skills. You will engage in discussion of various theoretical approaches to explaining behaviour, including crime and mental illness, while developing the ability to apply theory to real-life situations. We offer unrivalled support, with a Study Hub and subject support sessions.

The assessment is 100% examination.

Psychology links to a wide range of careers – this qualification will benefit you in any career where you work with or need to understand human behaviours. Students’ progress to a wide range of degrees leading to careers in areas such as Policing, Psychology, and Health Professions. It also supports those wishing to progress to related areas such as Advertising, Journalism, Teaching and Law.

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Unlike traditional sciences, Psychology doesn’t claim to know everything. There is a strong scientific element to the course and you will explore many daring, challenging and often socially sensitive questions.

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