Do you have an interest in human behaviour? Do you wonder why we act the way we do or why we follow rules, social norms and laws? In A Level Psychology you will engage in the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour and, in turn, gain an incredible insight into the reasoning behind our actions. You’ll explore a range of psychological disciplines and theories, and use these to examine and analyse a range of contemporary subjects.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway and a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics plus a Grade 4 in GCSE Biology or within GCSE Combined Science. 

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This fascinating subject will see you studying engaging topics, including:

- Social psychology
- Criminal and forensic psychology
- Memory
- Attachment theory
- Eating behaviour

On this dynamic course, you will learn the fundamentals of Psychology and develop skills that are highly valued by universities and employers, such as independent thinking, critical analysis and research. You will complete the course having gained a much deeper understanding of human behaviour and how it can be affected by various internal and external factors – this awareness will serve you well in both your career progression and adult life in general.

Teachers on the course are highly qualified and subject specialists themselves, who will guide your learning and equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake high level psychological analysis. Under their guidance, you will have the opportunity to design and conduct your own experiments, allowing you to gain valuable practical experience as a Research Psychologist.

This course is assessed solely by examination. 

An A Level in Psychology will provide you with a useful knowledge base for pursuing degree level study in this area. However, the diverse range of skills you’ll develop on the course such as research and critical thinking are directly transferable to a range of higher education subject areas such as teaching and business studies.

Popular career destinations for Psychology students include subject related professions such as Psychology, Mental Health and Education. A Psychology qualification can also lead you into a range of less subject related fields such as Policing, HR and Law.

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There is a strong scientific element to the course, where you will get the chance to explore various thought-provoking and socially sensitive questions. 

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