Ever wondered why some people are rich and others are poor? Or why people commit crime? Or why girls typically outperform boys at school? A Level Sociology will give you an in-depth understanding of the patterns and structures we see within society, and the forces behind them.

From race to criminal behaviour to poverty, you’ll examine topics and issues which play a prominent role in our everyday lives, and learn about the factors affecting these.

You'll need to meet the entry criteria for your chosen pathway.

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The topics you will study reflect contemporary debates and topics that will resonate with you as a young person in this rapidly changing and globalised world. These include:

- Crime and deviance
- Mass media
- Culture and identity
- Education in Britain
- Research methods
- Sociological theory and perspectives

On this fascinating course, you’ll examine the inter-relationships between individuals, groups and institutions, and use this knowledge to reflect upon the world we live in. You’ll explore a range of theories and apply these to real issues within society. All of this will broaden your perspective and understanding of the way in which the world works.

Guided by our team of knowledgeable teachers, you’ll explore and debate a truly diverse range of topics, some of which you will likely carry on thinking about outside of the classroom – the way you view the world will never be the same!

You’ll benefit from trips and visits too which will complement your learning. Past students have enjoyed visits to London, a prison and various religious institutions.

You will also have the opportunity to represent the course as a Sociology Ambassador, which is an ideal way to grow your skills and prepare you for working as part of a team with people from all walks of life.

The assessment is 100% examination.

As a Sociology student, you’ll develop transferable skills such as essay writing, evaluating ideas, theories and evidence, and research and analysis. These will support your progression to a range of degree programmes, in particular those with a strong written and/or research-based element.

The broad range of content covered in A Level Sociology means that it is a qualification that can help you to progress into a range of careers and fields. Possible career areas for Sociology students include, Social Work, Policing, Teaching, Social and Market Research, and Media and Marketing.

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In Sociology, there are no set right or wrong answers (within reason). You’ll learn to examine topics from a range of viewpoints, using various theories – giving you a real sense of freedom during your studies. 

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