This innovative, exciting and intensive one year course will give students who intend either to study in higher education or enter a creative profession the opportunity to further extend and develop their creative potential across a range of disciplines before selecting and focusing on their personal creative specialism. Students will be significantly challenged to develop new ways of thinking, extending personal idea building skills and to learn ways of innovatively using media and materials, always with a core aim of preparing for appropriate progression to higher education and/or the world of work.

  • A team of talented and dedicated staff will provide students with personal and professional guidance.
  • Dedicated large studio space within a purpose built facility – full time access to this studio space.
  • Good access to an impressive range of learning resources and specialist working areas including Textile Design, Graphic Communication, Printmaking, Photography, Fine Art, Ceramics and Multi-media working.

A course leaflet containing more detailed information is available here.

This course is free to students who are aged 19 or under on September 1st 2018. There will be a tuition fee for over 19's.

  • London Art residential (approx. £250.00 plus expenses) plus costs for 2-4 other local day trips.
  • Costs for visits to universities, travelling expenses, depending on location.
  • Personal Art equipment necessary for independent study, a good camera would be very useful.

You find out more about applying for this course by clicking here.

Two A level qualifications at grade C and above, including an Art and Design subject or a Level 3 Art and Design Diploma or Extended Diploma (with overall grade minimum MM or MMM desirable) plus GCSE English grade 4 and GCSE Maths grade 3. If GCSE Maths is a grade 3, GCSE Maths will be a compulsory component of your study programme. A successful interview, a strong portfolio of work and a good reference are also required

The course has 3 stages:

EXPLORATORY  - 7-10 weeks of structured progression through ‘experience building workshops’ including drawing, contextual studies, graphic communication, fine art, textile techniques, sculpture, ceramics, photography, life drawing and digital applications. In non-contact time you will be expected to complete additional personal work and, towards the end of this stage you will be interviewed with your portfolio and begin the application and progression process to Higher Education or professional practice. During this stage you will be encouraged to visit higher education institutions to help you make the right choices in relation to your aptitudes, circumstances and skills.

PATHWAY - 12 weeks where you specialise in a subject area of your choice, developing your understanding of that area and extending your personal portfolio by working through extended personal project briefs. You will work closely with a dedicated tutor and follow a more negotiated project route. This phase also includes a compulsory 3-day residential visit to a cultural capital to extend your knowledge of contemporary institutions, media and retail outlets, cultural centres and galleries.

CONFIRMATORY - The third phase of the course culminates in a Final Major Project, delivered and externally assessed at Level 4, where you will develop your ideas independently and show your work in an exhibition. This project assessment will define the grade for the qualification.

You will be awarded a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design qualification and UCAS tariff points that can be added to existing tariff points achieved from other qualifications e.g. Pass – 165 points, Merit – 225 points and Distinction – 285 points. These will top up a low grade profile and make progression to a good institution of your choice more likely. You are expected to progress to either a creative route in higher education or into an apprenticeship or employment.

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