This course will see you studying areas from across Business, Science, Sport and ICT.

This is an entry level course, designed to open up the opportunity for you to progress to a Level 2 qualification.

Some of the topics you will cover as part of the ten units you will explore include:

- Business practice such as organising a meeting

- Self-assessment and career planning

- How the body works

- Customer Service

- ICT and software applications


Standard requirements for a Level 1 course applies. 

Our outstanding staff will guide you through each of your units which are taught via theoretical work, practical and problem solving activities, building your core skills and preparing you for the opportunity to progress.

Four core units lay the foundations for your learning, including organisational, research and personal development skills. There is then the opportunity to explore your next steps via the chance to sample Level 2 subjects including Childcare, Science, IT, Business, Health and Social Care or Sport.

Many students progress to Level 2 qualifications.

Good to Know

Students often progress to Level 2 qualifications in a range of subject areas after completing this course.