You will study topics which reflect common practices in Health and Social Care including:

• Effective communication
• Individual rights in Health and Social Care
• Human lifespan development
• Healthy living
• Human body systems and care of disorders
• Health and Social Care values 

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Standard College entry criteria for a Level 2 Extended Certificate applies. 

This is an ideal course if you would like to extend your knowledge of Health and Social Care, or you can start this course from the beginning. It is a well-recognised qualification, which is intended for students who are interested in working with people.

In recent years this course has proved to be hugely successful in terms of results and in enabling students to progress to an advanced Level 3 course. This will be a very positive year for you as it will boost your con dence in being able to achieve and it will also prepare you for the rigours of advanced study. This is a one-year course in which you will study a wide range of units. Some of these units are assignment based and some are externally assessed.

Throughout the year you will collect evidence for your portfolio and although much of this will be written, it may take the form of posters, lea ets, and taped or video evidence. Case studies, group work and role-play may also be used to help you collect evidence. The theory is closely related to practice and you will complete 25 hours of work experience. Your lessons will involve theoretical work, practical activities and problem solving and you will be provided with excellent resources to support your learning. 

The majority of units will be assessed through internal assignments. There will be some units assessed via external assessment. The combination of assessments will include, internal assignments, external tasks, written exams and synoptic units.  

There is potential for you to progress on to a wide range of Level 3 courses followed by university degrees leading to careers in Health and Social care including Nursing and Social Work. You will also develop your communication and interpersonal skills including opportunities for team building. 

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