The units you will study reflect modern developments and the applications of information and creative technology. Some of these units are:
• Computer networks
• Website development
• Software development
• Installing and maintaining computer hardware

General College entry criteria for a Level 2 Extended Certificate applies.

The BTEC Extended Certificate in Information and Creative Technology Extended Certificate will appeal to you if you have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in Information Technology, a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate those ideas effectively. Over the course of the year, you will develop your problem solving and written communication skills through the more practical parts of the course.

This year long course includes 8 units of study ranging from the use of hardware and software to creating your own digital portfolio. You will also explore computer networking, and hardware maintenance. As part of this you will design, set up and configure a small virtual computer network.You will develop practical skills that will help you to understand the key terminology used in your exams. This is a comprehensive course helping you to prepare for how your skills may be used in employment or an apprenticeship. It therefore includes units on website, software and spreadsheet development. At the heart of your learning are real life examples which ensure that you can apply your skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.

Two units are externally assessed through online tests. The other units are internally assessed by your subject teachers using assignments that are set and marked in the College.

This course is suited to those who have a strong interest in IT and wish to progress to Level 3. 

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