The topics you will study reflect modern developments and the applications of Computer Science including:
• Principles of computer science
• Programming object oriented/procedural
• Algorithms and problem solving
• Games Development

General College entry criteria applies. A minimum of a Grade 4 in GCSE Maths is also required. 

You will utilise the skills and knowledge of computing in one of three ways. Firstly, to provide a general understanding of the use of computer technology and systems, which will inform your decisions and support participation in an increasingly technologically dependent society. Secondly, to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for you to seek employment in areas that utilise computing, where you may develop skills and knowledge further through practical experience and training. Thirdly, you may choose to continue to develop your knowledge and understanding of computing through entry to higher education, where this qualification will provide a useful foundation for further study of computing or more specialist aspects of computing. The Certificate is the equivalent to half an A Level in year 1. This can be continued in the second year by completing the Extended Certificate, which when completed is the equivalent to 1 A Level.

Assessment is by coursework.

Please note the awarding body for all BTEC qualifications recently made the decision to extend the current BTEC courses in our offer beyond 2018. This means that for 2018 entry, all Level 3 vocational subjects will continue to be assessed by coursework only, with the exception of Art and Design.

In today’s workplace, having the knowledge and skills in computing will give you the opportunity to pursue new and exciting careers and to be instrumental in the conception of computer systems that increasingly shape work and leisure activities.

To meet these career challenges, you must be self-reliant as well as a good communicator and problem solver. You will require interpersonal, academic and technical skills, and must demonstrate an ability to work independently and as part of a team. You will also need to develop an ethical approach to the use of computers. These specifications provide a focus to develop these skills, while ensuring that you acquire a sound knowledge of computing.

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