Are you fascinated about how human behaviours are developed? Have you ever wondered how aspects such as your biology or the environment you live in influence behaviours such as gender, aggression and spending habits? If you’d like to broaden your horizons, and study a subject that will make you think long after your lesson has finished, then Applied Psychology is the subject for you!

Grade 4 in GCSE Maths. General entry criteria also applies.

This exciting and informative course allows you to immerse yourself into world of Applied Psychology, the course explores how the body and mind work together demonstrating how they can impact upon human behaviour, in many aspects of our lives. Topics include:

  • Applications of psychological approaches – these are then applied to Gender, Aggression and Consumer behaviour
  • Conducting psychological research – this involves creating and conducting your own research project
  • Health psychology – focussing on understating explanations and treatments for stress and addiction
  • Introduction to psychopathology – centring on how mental health diagnosis and treatment has changed

Under the direction of our outstanding teachers who have degrees in and a passion for Psychology, you will be stretched and challenged. Our qualified staff will help you to see how Psychology influences everything around you. Visiting university lecturers and specialist in different fields will enhance your knowledge and enhance your experience!

Both examination and coursework based.

Applied Psychology is a subject linking to a wide range of careers and degrees. You could progress to careers in areas such as Child and Education Psychology, Sport Psychology, Mental Health Nursing or Policing. Psychology influences every aspect of our daily lives, and is a great subject for any career working with people. The assessment and learning style of the course supports your employability, as you will develop a range of vital skills.

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