Mathematical Studies is a one year course for students who want to take Maths beyond GCSE without having to take a full A Level. The qualification is equivalent to an AS level, and builds upon material covered at GCSE as well as introducing some new and more advanced work. The topics you will cover are:

• Data analysis
• Sampling techniques
• Financial calculations
• Critical path analysis
• Estimation
• Probability and expectation 
• Risk analysis

Grade 6 in GCSE Maths. This is a 4th subject option only for students who meet the general entry criteria for a 4th Level 3 qualification

This course complements a number of subjects and will allow you to build upon the skills and techniques you developed in GCSE Maths. Probability, data analysis and sampling are revised and taken to a more advanced level. You will see how the topics you study relate to other subjects you may be studying. For example, you will learn critical path analysis and risk analysis, which are powerful and versatile techniques used extensively in business and finance, while work on  financial calculations will cover student loans, personal finance, savings and mortgages. The qualification is equivalent to an AS level and should be taken alongside a full study programme. 

100% examinations. 

A qualification in Mathematical Studies demonstrates that you are able to apply learning to the real world, and is an asset to anyone thinking about a degree course or possible employment in science, technology or financial services. 

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