by Scott Goodacre

Within this 89%, of those studying three traditional A levels, 96% left the college with three traditional A levels.

Of those studying three vocational A levels, 95% left the college with three vocational A levels.

And of those studying a mix of traditional and vocational A levels, 95% left the college with three A levels or equivalent.

Of the 11% studying less than 3 full A levels across 2011-12, 75% achieved at least two or equivalent and have also progressed successfully from the college to HE or employment.

We are also delighted that the point score per individual A level increased again, for the fourth consecutive year.

Principal Angela williams said: “I am delighted to see the individual point score per A level increase again. It means our students are achieving higher A level grades year on year. This is why we have moved from the top 25% to the top 10% of all schools and colleges nationally for student performance at advanced level over the last four years.

“Our students and their parents can be confident that their son or daughter will make exceptional progress at the college enabling them to progress successfully to HE or employment, as can prospective students and their parents.”

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