by Scott Goodacre

The total of 122 students greatly exceeds last year’s total of 30, and over 800 students attended talks by charity volunteers last week.

Potential donors were asked to spit into a special container which is then sent to be analysed at the Trust’s labs.

The spit clinics are part of the Anthony Nolan Trust’s ‘Register & Be A Lifesaver’ campaign which is trying to encourage 16-30 year-olds to sign up as potential stem cell donors.

Kate Birch, who manages the college’s Open Door healthcare service, said: “I’m always delighted by how enthusiastic our students are when it comes to helping others.

“The fact that we had such a large number of students sign up to the register this year is fantastic and I know the Anthony Nolan Trust are incredibly grateful for the support our students have given them.”

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