by Scott Goodacre

That’s exactly what Dr Nicholas Watson, who visited with his colleague Dr Mel Holmes, asked students to do when they popped in to Physics yesterday.

Two classes were lucky enough to be asked to eat nosily during their lesson, while the pair of scientists brought equipment with them to demonstrate how knowledge of sound is used to distinguish between crispiness and crunchiness.

As you can imagine there were more than enough willing volunteers, including AS Physics student Ashley Flanagan who took the healthy option.

The talk was part of the University of Leeds’ Festival of Science, and we also welcomed Dr Clare Woulds to talk about her life as a marine biologist.

Mick Callaghan, course leader for Physics, said: “The visitors from the University of Leeds did a fantastic job engaging our students and we’re grateful to them for taking the time to come and share their cutting-edge research with our young people.

“It helped to open our students’ eyes to the broad range of exciting careers which science qualifications can lead to.”

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