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Six students from across Huddersfield New College’s design department recently entered the architecture competition, ‘Forgotton Spaces’. The competition was held by Sheffield Hallam University in conjunction with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA, Yorkshire).

The students who took part were Siobhan Rawson, Fares Sharaf, Alice Moore, Danny Berry, Patrick Faulkner and Rebekah Regan, who did an excellent job at representing HNC.

The competition was aimed at inspiring future architects and designers, and with our students studying a range of subjects, from Graphic Design to Product Design, our team had a varied skillset which helped them to create a well received project.

Assisted by Carol Sheward (Head of Design), Jonathon Hood (Design Teacher) and Katie Nicholls (Design Technician), the team’s submission proposed to build a woodland theatre and sculpture garden on the space behind the bus turn-around next to HNC, proposing the spaces for use by both the college and other local community groups. 

Although not crowned the winners, the students who took part were praised for their bold presentation, interesting concept and good use of visuals.

Well done for all the hard work guys!

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