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The focus of our Early Years' students academic learning this year has mainly been focused on the theories and models of child development, and the role of speech, communication and language in childrens overall development.  They've also been planning a diverse range of activities and learning opportunities to celebrate religious and cultural events.  

As our students have been working incredibly hard this term in Early Years, they decided to let off some steam. Never ones to let a holiday slide, they celebrated Diwali with a fantastic arts and crafts session during their lessons!

Our students made a colourful array of items to celebrate this Hindu holiday, including clay diva lamps using and creating Rangoli patterns using chalks and glitter. Everyone had a great time, and as well as being a bit of a treat, the day gave everyone some hands on arts and crafts experience- essential in any Early Years settings!

If you'd like to find out more about the courses we have on offer, why not attend our next open event? We'd love to see you there! 

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