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Huddersfield New College Art Foundation Diploma students took part in a hugely creative and challenging practical workshop this week. After covering the entire studio in paper, they worked with artist Sally Barker on intense physical, expressive drawings, working over the area of the entire space – both in pairs and working as a group- and the activity culminating in a huge three-dimensional sculptural drawing.

Students said afterwards, “It was immense fun! The activity really made us work together as a team – it broke down our inhibitions about mark-making and totally challenged our understanding of what drawing could be. 

I never knew drawing could be so exhausting AND so rewarding at the same time!”

This workshop also gave students an opportunity to ask Sally questions about her career and working life as a creative practitioner, an understanding of which underpins the student experience on Art Foundation, as the course is designed to extensively prepare students for entry to Higher Education and/or employment in the creative industries.

These workshops were generously sponsored by the Senior Team at the college.

Lydia Green, Head of Art at Huddersfield New College said "The application window for entry to the Art Foundation Diploma is now open and further details about the course and application forms can be picked up from the college website. Please don’t hesitate to ring me at the college if you want further information about the course.’

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