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New College Alumni, Jack, popped in to our Sports Department for a career talk with current students this week. Jack, who graduated in the summer of 2012, came back to talk about his career training as a commercial pilot, helping to inspire our current cohort to aim high.

Jack, who studied a mixture of BTECs and A Levels in Sport, Sociology, Psychology, and Law, had always wanted to be a pilot. He wasn’t sure if his dream would be possible though, as it costs tens of thousands of pounds to train, and often the training is self-funded, so he chose a wide range of subjects to give himself the very best possible employment chances he could, whatever his chosen career was to be.

Luckily for Jack, he was fortunate enough to be offered the money to complete his training by his parents and grandparents, so in November 2012, he sat the tests required to kick start his flying career.  After passing the tests and completing his initial training, Jack successfully landed a position flying with Ryan Air as First Officer, and will be undertaking his final training, and building up his flying hours, from March.

Come May, Jack will be co-piloting his first commercial flights and hopes to be a Captain by 2019- when Jack will still only be 25!

Jack said “I loved my time at HNC, it’s a good learning environment and atmosphere. I’d recommend students coming here again and again, and my advice to the current students is to work hard… it pays off in the end!”

I’m sure you will all join us in congratulating Jack on his success. We hope to be flown somewhere sunny by you soon, Jack!

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