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The Helena Kennedy Foundation exists to ensure that students, regardless of circumstance, are able to access higher education by providing financial bursaries, mentoring and support to students from further and adult educational institutions.

Every year, students from across the UK are encouraged to apply for this prestigious accolade, and the foundation receives hundreds of applications a year.

The College has a history of success with these awards, and this year was no different. Three of our very talented Class of 2014 were successful in their applications, which is phenomenal considering only 87 students out of the hundreds that applied were successful in their applications.

Shanice Kaye and another New College student, travelled down to the House of Lords for the Awards Ceremony with Equality and Diversity Manager, Erika Montgomery at the beginning of March.

Both students worked incredibly hard to complete their time in further education, and both have now moved on to undergraduate degree programmes; one winner is studying Optometry at the University of Bradford, and Shanice studies Business and HR Management at the University of Huddersfield.

Shanice said  “It was truly an inspirational moment to find myself at the House of Lords receiving the Helena Kennedy Foundation Award. It was an experience that I will never forget".

"Being a winner of a Helena Kennedy Award has provided me with a life changing opportunity. I encourage students to apply as it can help to take you to places that you have only ever dreamed of and it allows you to fulfil your dreams!"

As a College, we’re proud of both our winners; their hard work, dedication and passion for education has allowed them to overcome significant obstacles and  to succeed in gaining entry to competitive undergraduate courses. They are brilliant ambassadors of the College and we wish them all the best for their future successes.

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