Health and Social Care students visited London to develop their understanding of hazards and risks in public places. The action-packed trip saw the group of 45 students enjoy some of the London culture, with a chance to so some Christmas shopping and a trip to see the Lion King. The group also enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Body Worlds exhibition.

Students on the Health and Social Care course cover a wide range of topics, and students often progress to careers working with people where assessing hazards and risks in public places is a key part of their role. The trip helped to bring the topic to life, and the trip to the Body Worlds exhibition allowed students to see inside the human body, and develop their understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

Emma Fisher, Teacher of Health and Social Care comments: “Our students often progress to professions working with people as course supports a wide range of careers including counselling, primary teaching and nursing. Health, safety and assessing risk is a core part of any role such as this. The trip helped our students bring theory to life, and of course being able to see the inside of the human body and the effects of a wide range of conditions was both informative and fascinating. This trip is just one example of the exciting way our students study Health and Social Care here at HNC!"

Brandon Holmes, a student, says: “We had an amazing time in London!  We were able to develop our understanding of health and safety further and apply it to real life scenarios. It was unbelievable to see the human body so close up at the Body Worlds exhibition. We looked at the brain of someone who had had a stroke, compared to a normal brain and also the spleen of someone who had had leukaemia compared to someone who hadn’t. This will help us a lot with a unit we are currently studying on physiological disorders and how they impact on the human body. It was also useful as I am applying to study Operating Department Practice at university.

Kyra Walker adds: “Attending the body worlds exhibition has helped me to develop my understanding of the human body and its functions further which is great as I am currently in the process of applying to study Adult Nursing at university."