Students studying Law at Huddersfield New College recently experienced the real-life challenges of the Courtroom as part of a special Bar Mock Trial at Leeds Crown Court. The competition sees groups of students from across the region take part in a range of legal role play scenarios, and undertake different roles with legal professionals scoring their performance. 

The day started with HNC acting as the defence with the case of R v Forrester where students defended a charge of throwing corrosive fluid with intent to do grievous bodily harm under section 29 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 to secure a ‘not guilty' verdict.

Case number two, ‘R V Martin’, saw the defendant charged with two counts under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, better known as ‘money laundering.’ The prosecution were no match for the HNC team who won the congratulations of their opposition Ermysteds Grammar School at the conclusion of the case. His Honour Judge Marson QC, who recently sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months imprisonment, said the team’s performance was “excellent".

After lunch HNC switched to being the prosecution in the case of R v Forrester, representing an accident attack victim. Although HNC did not reach the Leeds final, the scores received from judges confirmed victories in all three rounds. However, HNC student Umaiyl undertook the role of Court Artist who completed the artist’s impression of events in court. This aspect of the competition is still running.

Claire Forrest, Head of Humanities comments: “I am very proud of all of our students and their performance in this challenging competition. They have all completed many hours of preparation in the Humanities Hub during lunchtimes and it has been an incredibly valuable experience. From communication and public speaking skills, to team work and problem solving, the competition helps our students to develop a huge range of interpersonal skills that will support them in the future. Many of our students will progress to careers in the legal profession, and being able to bring their studies to life in Leeds Crown Court helped our students to experience how exciting a career in Law will be.”

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